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ChapterPositionsName of convener
Ms. Sheetal Joshi
Dr. Rupali Sengupta
ChennaiConvenerMs. Shiny Surendran
Dr. Mridula Naik
Ms. Namratha Pramod
Ms. Sneha Raje
Ms. Mitali Ambekar
GujaratConvenerMs. Vijaya Agarwal

Guidelines to form a ASNFS Chapter

Determine the level of interest and enthusiasm among professionals, practitioners, and individuals associated with sports nutrition, sports psychology, sports medicine, sports dentistry, sports physiotherapy, and other allied sports fields in your local area. Gauge the willingness to form a local chapter of ASNFS. Write to asnfs.connect@gmail.com to express your interest in starting a local chapter in your area.

Assemble a local executive committee (LEC) of dedicated individuals who are passionate about advancing sports science and nutrition in your local community. This team will be responsible for coordinating and organizing chapter activities. The LEC will comprise of the Office bearers (03) -Convener (01), Secretary (01), and Treasurer (01) Members (Minimum 10) from allied fields of Sports Science (Nutrition, Sports Nutrition, Sports Physiology, Physiotherapy, Sports Psychology, Coaches, Sports persons, Fitness experts). The core committee members will provide guidance and support to the office bearers in executing their roles and responsibilities.

Establish clear objectives and goals for the local chapter aligned with the mission of ASNFS. These objectives may include knowledge sharing, professional development, networking, and promoting awareness of sports science and nutrition.

State criteria for membership of the Association, including types of membership, eligibility requirements, and fees. Consider including athletes, coaches, trainers, sports nutritionists, sports psychologists, sports medicine professionals, and other sports enthusiasts from the general population. A discount on the membership fee can be provided to a group of 5 or more individuals.

Plan and organize regular chapter meetings, seminars, workshops, webinars, conferences, and other events that promote knowledge sharing and professional development in the field of sports science and nutrition. Encourage participation from experts and invite guest speakers to enhance the learning experience. Expenditure for chapter activities would be borne by the respective chapters only. The headquarter will provide Rs. 5000/- per year to each chapter towards community activities.

Seek opportunities for collaboration with local sports organizations, academic institutions, healthcare facilities, and other relevant stakeholders to leverage resources, expertise, and networks for the benefit of the chapter and its members.

Establish effective communication channels to keep chapter members informed about upcoming events, opportunities, and relevant news. Utilize group email, newsletters, social media platforms, and a dedicated chapter page on the ASNFS website to facilitate interaction and engagement.

Maintain accurate records of chapter activities, including meeting minutes, attendance registers, financial statements, and reports. Submit the annual report in April. Regularly update the core committee members of the Association on chapter progress, achievements, and challenges. Submit expenditure statement and report of activities soon after completing the activity.

Encourage sports professionals, athletes, and individuals interested in sports in your community to join ASNFS as registered members, promoting the benefits and opportunities available at the local, national, and international levels.

Remember, forming a local chapter of ASNFS is an exciting opportunity to create a vibrant community dedicated to advancing sports science and nutrition. By following these guidelines and fostering collaboration among like-minded professionals, you can contribute to the growth and development of the field in your local area.