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Let’s Create a Healthy Sports Environment for
Young Athletes!

Dr. Mridula Naik
Nutritionist (Wellness, Sports, Paediatrics)
Target Audience: Parents & Coaches
Target Audience: Parents & Coaches
Reading Time: 2 Min

Hello, parents and coaches!

As a sports nutritionist dealing with young athletes, I often notice some hidden challenges in junior sports in India. Let’s discover these and see how we can create a healthier environment for our young athletes.

Emphasis on Early Sports Specialization: Early specialization can limit overall skill development and lead to burnout. Encourage your young champs to try their hand (or foot!) at different sports.  Who knows, your budding football star might have a knack for badminton or swimming too! So, Mix It Up, Sporting Superstars!

Excessive Expectations to Excel: Let go of excessive expectations and prioritize their happiness. Remember, they’re still kids with dreams. Create a supportive environment that values their overall growth and wellness. A happy athlete performs better and enjoys the game to the fullest! Why not, Pressure Less, Enjoy More?

Lack of Support: Many young athletes are lone warriors. They lack support from experts in sports science. The sports science team can do wonders in nurturing young talents. Build a team of sports professionals for your budding athlete. Seek help from sports institutions, medical professionals, sports nutritionists, and sports psychologists. Help them understand nutrition, injury prevention, and mental wellness. Let sport meet science.

Lost in Unhealthy Food Jungle: Let’s not unsee the elephant in the room. Your budding athlete is surrounded by an unhealthy food environment. Help them navigate through it by being proactive. They need fuel to play and grow. Plan and pack healthy snacks and drinks.

Undeniable Gender Barriers: Girls can kick some serious goals too! Challenge stereotypes and ensure equal opportunities. Empower young female athletes with resources and facilities on par with their male counterparts. Offer a level playing field for everyone.

Parents and coaches, please encourage diverse sports participation, reduce pressure, embrace sports science, advocate healthy food environments, and break gender barriers. Let’s raise not just champions, but happy and well-rounded individuals.

Together, let’s create a supportive environment for our sporting stars.